The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies embody the spirit of gypsy jazz, traditional jazz and swing evolving into a form of punk rock jazz

This high energy group is influenced by jazz legends Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington and Jelly Roll Morton to name a few; music genre's include jazz from the 1920's-1950's.   Tap dancing provides percussion for the band and vintage jazz movement (charleston, lindy, swing) provide a visual of improvisational wizardry linking live jazz music to jazz dancing.  You can feel this band's vibrational force seeping through the streets of New Orleans French Quarter and Frenchmen St., encompassing a rich rhythm of unique sounds that swing with a passionate flare. You'll often find swing dancers cutting a rug to this delightful band, merging music and dance as one!

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"If you want to hear some clean fresh recordings of some of Reinhardt’s best works with a slightly New Orleans flair, this sextet is for you. Like a punk band ripping into pop chestnuts, they’re faster, brighter, sprightlier and livelier than the originals, which is saying something when it comes to Django.

Offbeat Magazine



The Swinging Gypsies are a rotating group of artists and performers, with John and Giselle in the forefront singing, playing and dancing

John Saavedra, a native New Orleanian creates a dynamic sound of guitar licks and soulful singing that entices the spirit. Giselle Anguizola, also known as "G" sings and performs vintage jazz dances while bridging the gap between audience and performer. 

The main instrumentation of the ensemble includes 6 members: two guitars, bass, horn/violin, and dance (tap/swing/jazz).  Expect a high energy ensemble that engages the senses and unites all.

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John Saavedra


John Saavedra is primarily influenced by Django Reinhardt and New Orleans jazz, a sound that embodies swing rhythm with traditional jazz.  His soulful voice will draw any tourist from the street to the venue;  ready for an enriching jazz experience.  As a local New Orleanian, John was featured as a guest performer on NCIS and co-wrote a song for the show, he was also contracted by ESPN for a live snippet of the band during Monday football.  From french jazz to New Orleans swing, John adds elements from this gumbo of sounds to create a unique type of playing that brings people together. 


Giselle Anguizola


Giselle Anguizola has dedicated her life to swing and jazz era dances for twenty years. She has been an unmissable voice in the swing dance community and has recently devoted herself to combining vintage tap/jazz with singing as part of her performance. She's highly influenced by Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Whinehouse and loves bringing the music to life.  One of the top proponents of syncopated footwork, personal style, improvisation and communication - Giselle will breathe rhythmic life into any dance, class, or stage appearance.  

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